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Preventive dentistry helps you find the most effective ways to avoid oral disease, wear-and-tear damage, and other kinds of dental issues. At Michael Sargent Dentistry in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Michael Sargent, DDS, and the team committed to helping children and adults maintain a healthy smile by educating all patients on a good oral health routine. Call the office to schedule an appointment.

Preventive Dentistry Q & A

Why do I need dental checkups when I’m healthy?

Dental checkups are an all-important aspect of preventive dentistry. During your regular dental checkups at Michael Sargent Dentistry, your dentist looks for tooth decay and periodontal disease (gum disease). 

Often, your dental exams include imaging because X-rays reveal the tooth roots, jawbone, and other hidden structures where problems can originate. Additionally, your dentist checks your cheeks, lips, and other soft tissues for the early signs of oral cancer. 

When your dentist diagnoses issues like tooth decay, periodontal disease, and oral cancer in the early stages, you can get the care you need to prevent progression and get healthy again.

Why are teeth cleanings important in preventive dentistry?

Teeth cleanings are essential because they remove the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Although you remove plaque with brushing and flossing, you can’t remove hardened plaque (tartar) on your own. 

Your Michael Sargent Dentistry provider uses specialized dental instruments to remove plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces and even between the teeth. This helps you prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease, and even more serious complications like bone loss. 

Regular teeth cleanings can also help you decrease your risk for heart disease and other whole-body health issues. 

How often should I have dental checkups and teeth cleanings?

Most children and adults should have dental checkups every six months if they have healthy teeth and gums. 

If you have periodontal disease or chronic oral health issues, your hygienist at Michael Sargent Dentistry may recommend checkups and teeth cleanings more often. 

How do I prevent tooth wear?

A custom night guard is often the best way to prevent tooth wear. If you grind your teeth while you sleep, or if you clench your jaw because of a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder or another issue, a night guard can protect your teeth. 

Michael Sargent Dentistry customizes each night guard to perfectly fit your mouth. At Michael Sargent Dentistry we understand that not all dental insurances cover the cost of a night guard. Please call the office today to discuss payment options. 

When do I need a mouthguard?

A mouthguard, like a night guard, is a custom made device that fits over your teeth. If you play any kind of sport in which your mouth is potentially vulnerable to injury, a mouthguard offers optimal protection. Michael Sargent Dentistry customizes each mouthguard by providing you with comfort in wear, confidence in protection, and stability in fit. 

A mouthguard prevents many common mouth injuries during sports, such as knocked-out teeth and other oral trauma. 

The best in preventive dentistry awaits you at Michael Sargent Dentistry, so call the office today.