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When you have minor tooth damage, such as a tiny pocket of decay, tooth fillings are often the easiest and most budget-friendly solution. Michael Sargent Dentistry in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, offers composite fillings, which are tooth-colored and virtually invisible. Michael Sargent, DDS, and his skilled team of dental experts are ready to help, so call the office today to see if fillings are right for you.

Fillings Q & A

What are fillings?

Fillings are restorative materials that are most commonly used for cavities. Michael Sargent Dentistry may also use fillings to repair other types of tooth damage, like pitting or even chips. 

Composite resin is called dental bonding when it’s used for other purposes, such as restoring a cracked tooth or enhancing the appearance of teeth overall. 

What is the process of getting a filling?

At Michael Sargent Dentistry, getting a filling is a safe and sterile process because an expert dentist performs the procedure using strict treatment protocols. 

First, your dentist at Michael Sargent Dentistry administers an injection of a local anesthetic with an ultrathin needle. It pinches for only a second, and you quickly go numb in the treatment area.

Your  dentist at Michael Sargent Dentistry then removes any dead or decaying material from your tooth. Because composite resin is highly moldable, you need less drilling than you would for a traditional amalgam filling. 

After removing the nonviable parts of your tooth, your dentist cleans it thoroughly to remove all lingering bacteria and decay. Then, your dentist at Michael Sargent Dentistry places the filling in the proper area, applying it precisely in layers until it reaches the right appearance. 

After every layer, your dentist at Michael Sargent Dentistry uses a powerful curing lamp to harden the material into place. Finally, your tooth is polished to complete your new filling. 

How do I take care of my new fillings?

A normal brushing and flossing regimen, combined with checkups and cleanings every six months, is the best way to care for your new fillings. With good oral habits, you can generally expect your composite resin filling to last at least five years. 

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