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Broken tooth, sudden tooth sensitivity, swelling in the gums, knocked-out teeth and other sudden dental injuries can put you in a real panic. That’s why you need a reliable emergency dentistry provider for times like these. At Michael Sargent Dentistry, Michael Sargent, DDS, and his dedicated team always have a dentist on call to offer same-day emergency dentistry appointments so you can be seen as soon as possible. If you’ve suffered a dental injury, call the Chelmsford, Massachusetts, office.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is sudden damage or pain that affects your mouth, jaw, lips, cheeks, or tongue. Typical dental emergencies can include:

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken tooth
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Severe swelling
  • Loose permanent tooth

If any restoration, like a filling, crown, or bridge, loosens or falls out, it’s also a dental emergency. 

How do I deal with dental emergencies?

The main rule to remember is don’t try to fix a dental problem at home. The first step is to reach out to Michael Sargent Dentistry. The front desk receptionists can schedule your same-day appointment and provide you with additional guidance for temporary measures until you arrive at Michael Sargent Dentistry.

Aches, chips, cracks, and breaks

With toothaches, cracks, chips, or breaks, it’s fine to rinse with a saltwater solution, as it can remove bacteria and may help relieve pain. But don’t try to wiggle or otherwise move the tooth.

Knocked-out tooth

If a tooth gets knocked out of your mouth, clean off any dirt or debris by holding it under running water, and make sure you hold the tooth only by the crown (the white part), not by its roots. 

If you can do so, replace the tooth in its socket in your mouth and maintain its placement with slight tongue pressure. If you can’t put the knocked-out tooth back in place, use a product like Save-a-Tooth™, or cover the tooth with milk to preserve it. 


If your mouth, tongue, or lip is bleeding heavily, sit up straight, as this can help prevent blood from draining down your throat. Apply clean gauze or any other clean, dry material, and hold it in place with mild pressure and replace it as needed. 

The main rule to remember is don’t try to fix a dental problem at home. Doing so often makes it worse, so use the temporary measures and get to Michael Sargent Dentistry as soon as possible. 

When is emergency dental care available?

Michael Sargent Dentistry has extended weekday hours until 8pm, as well as Saturday hours for your convenience. If you have an emergency, simply call the office right away so the staff can arrange a same-day appointment. 

Don’t let a dental emergency end in permanent damage. Call Michael Sargent Dentistry for your same-day appointment.