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If you’re among the 120 million Americans with one or more missing teeth, dental implants are often the perfect treatment. A dental implant is surgically implanted to create a stable permanent anchor for crowns, bridges, or dentures. At Michael Sargent Dentistry, a dedicated team led by experienced dentist Michael Sargent, DDS, and then team can restore your missing teeth with realistic, customized restorations. Call the Chelmsford, Massachusetts, office for an appointment today.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the most effective method of tooth replacement. A dental implant includes a metal post, which is usually made of titanium. A porcelain crown screws or clicks into place, joining with the post to substitute for your missing tooth. 

Every single dental implant is custom-made for your jaw and mouth. However, you don’t necessarily need an implant for every missing tooth. Sometimes, a single implant can hold a bridge that replaces several teeth. 

Similarly, a small group of dental implants (usually 4-6) can retain a full arch (all upper or lower teeth) of dentures. 

What is the procedure for dental implants?

You may need preparatory treatments before getting dental implants. For example, you could need tooth extraction or periodontal disease treatment to create a healthy space for the dental implants. 

If you have low jawbone density, you may need bone grafting or sinus lift surgery to build up your jaw and create a secure environment for the dental implants. 

Your dental specialist performs surgery to root the implant post in your jaw. They close the gum tissue around the implant tip and then place a healing cap over it. This maintains spacing and protects the new implant over the coming months. 

Most dental implant patients have a healing period of a few months. Then, your dentist at Michael Sargent Dentistry places a new porcelain crown that’s fabricated to your precise measurements. 

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants are perfect for nearly anyone who loses one or more teeth. The advantages include:

  • Having a very natural appearance
  • Maintaining ideal tooth alignment
  • Being comfortable
  • They’re permanent and nonremovable

If you lose a tooth, or multiple teeth, dental implants are the best way to restore natural appearance and function. Other people won’t even suspect you have dental implants, and you can be confident knowing that the implants won’t slide, slip, or shift around. 

Dental implants are an investment in your appearance and oral wellness. If you’re missing a single tooth, a section of teeth, or all of your teeth, talk to the Michael Sargent Dentistry team. Call the office today.